I-League 2017-18

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I-League 2017-18 will be the 11th season of the I-League the top Indian professional football league in India , since its establishment in 2007. The season begin during November 2017 and will run for a period of 5 months.

Only 8 teams are confirmed 
Aizawl,EB,MBMinerva,CCFC,Shillong,Churchill nd Neroca

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  • goalkeepargoalkeepar I am best player in the world16555 PointsAmateur Footballer
    I see any one of Gokulam and Kerala evergreen fc making it to I league with direct entry.
  • BrainFallINDIABrainFallINDIA India5635 PointsU19 International
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 PointsU23 Olympian
    is shillong really confirmed?
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 7308 PointsU23 Olympian
    Hope CCFC makes a good competitive side this year, and a better management style. Last year, they did not match their big talks with actions on ground. Which were allowed because that was their first year and they really had very little time to compose themselves. This year, they should not have any excuses.
  • munna219777munna219777 15809 PointsAmateur Footballer
    CCFC did cause a few upsets against big teams. They had little time to arrange themselves-this year they should do even better.
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 7308 PointsU23 Olympian
    Play-wise they were okay for debutants. Their hosting and marketing were abyssmally poor. Lot of room to improve there. The accent should be on all-round professionalism which was lacking.

    Even play-wise, I would like them to make an impact like BFC did on their initial foray.
  • DXDX 4030 PointsU23 Olympian
    BFC like foray doesn't happen and cannot be taken as granted.

    It was a freak event that happened in Indian football quite like the earlier Mahindra United.

    CCFC were decent last season with proper local lads playing with a local coach. Pulled off a few upsets and more than shut a lot of ppl's mouth who were all up that Minerva's back.

    Organization I agree has to dramatically improve. But given how big the owners mouth is expected nothing more or less.
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 2666 Points
    What about ravanan? Is he going for draft or ccfc?
  • debarghya89debarghya89 5768 PointsU23 Olympian
    Players who don't get club in draft should be paid no more than 10 lakh for the season. I-League Clubs looking to sign draft rejects should bargain hard & let the players give a taste of their own medicine. Or better still not sign them at all
    goalkeeparAshkaul5atuljgArsenalFan700sanvedjadhavDeb_BanBrainFallINDIAAKBspartagaffertapeand 9 others.
  • BrainFallINDIABrainFallINDIA India5635 PointsU19 International
    edited July 2017
    Thats a nice idea but i think we already know which clubs will jump at the opportunity to sign draft rejects . 
    Ashkaul5sanvedjadhavgopiajeeshatuljgshanks_dehighlivingThe real AGmunna219777ashindiaEastBengalPridearchakand 1 other.
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