Federation Cup 2014-15



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    Well no one! AIFF hasnt done any good for Indian football since they had hired Bob Houghton as the senior team's coach, what do you expect of them. But now that Mr.Patel and his party has been made irrelevant locally and nationally, he should have ample time to look into Indian football..but oh wait, it has been outsourced to Reliance :D
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    Reliance people are at all top positions in AIFF. Patel is just a Rubber stamp-Head only in name.
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    @EastBengalPride wrote:....
    "Cant wait for the Fed Cup to start! @gaffertape Though the format you said is one used globally by most countries, however, in India I guess most clubs cant afford it! "

    Fed Cup allowance given by AIFF is 2000/person /night. So thats 40K per day around 5.6Laks for the duration

    with flights and hotels & meals some clubs will look at spending 25 to 30 Laks for the whole. Fed Cup. !!

    Costs will be much less if they play FA Cup style...less hotel. .and besides AIFF wikk also have to pay less..

    I can't be bothered to copy paste an excel sheet...but sure you get the arithmetic
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    1) Even in FA Cup format, clubs will have to travel from one city to other. That will mean flight expenses for each game. We cannot compare Europe where countries are small and club venues are hardly 1 to 3 hours by Bus/Coach. Travel from Manchester to Bolton or Dortmund to Koln cannot be compared  In India where travel from Goa to Calcutta or Shillong to Pune will consume 1 day in travel only. Add Flight and Hotel expenses for each game. Here travel is only once to a neutral venue.

    2) Federation cup should be at a venue which do not have regular I-League club so that they can popularise Indian Football.

    3) FA Cup has complicated Replays and selection of Neutral venue. They also have clubs of different leagues and tiers coming together. Here AIFF-Reliance cannot even proerly organise 2nd Division.That requires lot of planning and AIFF- Reliance  cannot be trusted with any planning. They cannot even manage TV Telecast.
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    @Maddie You are forgetting about World Cup Qualification Rounds in 2015. Our National Team will play atleast 6-7 games plus Friendlies. Add I-League. Why do you think 2 I-Leagues will be there? There is no time for that.
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    An FA Cup with small amount spent on travel can work if we do it how the US Soccer Federation does the US Open Cup and that is by basing matchups by region... eventually you will have to do a cross country game but by then it would be like the Quarter-finals and such.
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    28 Dec :  Mumbai FC vs Royal Wahingdoh
    28 Dec :  Bengaluru FC vs Salgaocar FC 

    29Dec :  Dempo SC vs East Bengal
    29 Dec :  Pune FC vs Shillong Lajong

    30 Dec : Mumbai FC vs Sporting Clube de Goa
    30 Dec : Bengaluru FC vs Mohun Bagan

    31 Dec : Royal Wahingdoh vs East Bengal
    31 Dec : Salgaocar SC vs Shillong Lajong

    01 Jan: Dempo SC vs Sporting Clube de Goa
    01 Jan: Pune FC vs Mohun Bagan

    02 Jan: Mumbai FC vs East Bengal
    02 Jan: Bengaluru FC vs  Shillong Lajong FC

    03Jan: Sporting Clube de Goa vs Royal Wahingdoh
    03 Jan: Mohun Bagan vs Salgaocar SC

    04 Jan: Dempo SC vs Mumbai FC
    04 Jan: Pune FC vs Bengaluru FC

    05 Jan: East Bengal vs Sporting Clube de Goa
    05 Jan: Shillong Lajong vs Mohun Bagan

    06 Jan: Royal Wahingdoh vs Dempo SC
    06 Jan: Salgaocar SC vs Pune FC

    08 Jan : SEMIFINALS
    SF 1: Winner A vs Runners B
    SF 2: Winner B vs Runners A

    10 Jan: FINAL
    Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2
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    This much football is good if only we had telecast .ppl would know we play football
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    Fed Cup times will be confirmed after discussions with Broadcasters....so thats some hope...
    with the schedule...we will have games every day...

    Wonder if they will play games under lights. ..
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    Ten Action will show Federation Cup? How much of their Deal is left with AIFF?
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