The second innings of Stephen Constantine



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    Yeah Savio is a pro license holder but you hinted he doesn't have any playing experience... :p
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    playing experience by that I meant for national team not club level....ventakesh was once integral part of NT
  • I think Vikramjit deserves a NT call up. He played very well in ISL and playing good in I league too. As Mehtab is nearing his end Vikramjit can be a good substitute for him in NT. However I feel this guy is a bit underrated by all of us including media.

    And I think Venkatesh will not be a bad choice. He was always coaches favorite (A rare favorite of Subhas Bhowmik + Stefan Constantine / Nyamuddin + Bob Houghton, even Bob requested him not to retire from international football along with Bhutia). He is a calm guy at-least was a calm guy during his playing days so temperament will be good as an assistant coach. I am not sure of his coaching experience but he played player cum assistant coach's role in early days of Pune FC. Only thing I am skeptical about  him is his relationship skills with arrogant players like Robin Singh. However I still say Debjit would have been a better choice as he has equal playing experience like Mahesh, Venkatesh, Bhutia and managed a team with success for 5 years. You know managing Bhwanipur FC is not an easy thing as it is "Choto" Mohunbagan. Last but not the least Debjit given Abinash Ruidas, Pralhad Roy a chance to play for BFC when they were young kid.
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    I would like to see how Debjit would do with an I-League team. Seems like a very nice upcoming coach.
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    I think playing and coaching are two different areas completely.

    I would have liked it if the assistant coach was someone like Reddy from Bengaluru FC or someone with a good knowledge of Indian players of all age levels.

    Venkatesh was a very good player in his main years, but he has no coaching experience at all.
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    aree yaar it was mentioned in @ dhritiman7 comment ..he was player coach
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    He was never player coach at Pune FC.
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    means dhritiman7 is jokingly said
  • There are many former indian playerts with afc coaching licence,and i think im vijayan,alex ambrose,chalton chapman,mahesh gavli, etc
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    Shanmugan Venkatesh..1st scouting at I-League match and he arrived without a pen or piece of paper...and asked to borrow of LOC =D>
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