Coaching in Indian football

Noticed their was never a thread for this kind of thing. I know we usually post things like this in the "Indian Football News" thread but I feel as though for a country still trying to develop coaches and bring better, more knowledgable coaches into the fray, this thread would be needed.


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    Baichung Bhutia gears up for coaching

    Other players going for their D License are Renedy Singh, Sandip Nandy, CS Sabeeth (already?), Abhijit Mondal, Darren Caldeira, Israel Gurung, Sandesh Gadkari, Chika Wali, Vinay Singh.
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    BTW,we need small coaching institute s at city levels by ex players. You can say nurseries for children aged 8-10. Cricket is producing players due to huge network of these coaching centers in every nook and r of the country but we have very few of them in northeast n some recent schools in metros. We need presence in tier 2- tier 3 cities ,from where we can scout for better kids. Most of the kids who take up football are untrained in basics at the age of 7-8 . Since,popularity of football is spread only in some specific parts of the country,people see no value in it in sending their kids to play football. They will rather provide plastic bat and ball to the kids in their early years.

    I hope that at least ISL changes that mentality with more kids taking up football in their early days, then only we can find some gems in the coming decade. Otherwise,there isn't much hope.
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    Thank you @ArsenalFan700. A nice thread. From my experience I have observed kids who are good at study and watch regular European football absorbs basic things very fast but they disappear from football field with age as they are equally good at studies which is priority for Indian families. Kids who continues (not all) and from a bit financial backward families learns techniques and other basics slowly but they are good in terms of courage and stamina. So we always loose good footballers and move on with not so good batches. I thinks this is a pan India problem.

    Secondly I would like to go for D licence, not sure I am eligible or not. Can anyone help me?
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    And in earlier days in Kolkata and its suburbs used to have dedicated football coaches rather football mad people who used to find new talents and teach them basics. Then they used to send those to various clubs. Thats how the network used to serve the purpose. Chone Majumder, Balaidas Mukherjee were legends in this field. This network is still here, two most strong coaching centers are located in Uttarpara and Dumurjala. Uttarpara is run by Satyajit Chatterjee and Debasish Mukherjee and produced players like Subrata Paul, Arindam Bhattyacharya, Shouvik Ghosh, Lalkamal Bhowmik, Snehasis and many more, Dudmurjala located few KM away from Ramrajatala is run by Raghu Nandy and produced many players too. Burdwan / Chittaranjan has a good network and Sudhir Karmakar used run a coaching center in Hoogly. My hometown also has similar football coaching center. But as the world moved on with modern age training and football has evolved these coaching center sort of things are not enough to sever the purpose. We need modern training equipment like artificial wall for free kick practice (have you ever seen a real good Indian freekick taker? don't say Soso, Alvito, Renedy), small parachutes, and many more things.

    We need to implement football rather athletics as a mandatory subject in school. And government should provide schools these modern equipments and one good quality sports teacher with certification. If Swatch Bharat can attract (actually they are force to comply) so many PSUs / MNCs then why not a football or athletic mission?
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    But the government needs to work alongside the private sector instead of angering them. TOPS scheme is a prime example.
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    Very good thread. Members should try to post info about local coaching academies or clubs where Coaching is given in their areas.
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    From 25th June Goa is going to host goalkeeping coaching course conducted by FIFA.
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    Which is better: UEFA license or AFC license? Do they have same or different coaching techniques?

    Is it possible for Indian coaches to get UEFA license instead of AFC?

    Which is the highest level in UEFA licence?
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    UEFA is better. it's more valuable then AFC or any other conference license. highest level in UEFA is UEFA Pro license.
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