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  • NaujawanNaujawan 1609 Points
    Why dont they all come together for one BIG setup?
  • footydipfootydip Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal2722 Points
    During the launch of KBFC I asked them on twitter that why did they opt for Pune? I also told them they somehow missed the market survey part( that in pune football isn't sustainable) and adviced them to move somewhere else. Probably in Punjab or Southern parts of India. They replied to me we have done enough market research, and our research reveals it is not that Pune isnt a footballing city , but it is that punekars are waiting for the right club to support. And we are the right club. Such an irony. ~O)
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    When Pune FC hosted Blackburn Rovers, people came. FC Pune City drew 7,000-8,000 a game... which is horrible by ISL standards but okay by Indian football standards.

    I would not give up on Pune yet as a football city. It has a lot of potential and I feel a stadium closer to the city can help. Pune I feel is going through the same problem a lot of early MLS teams are going through. They built stadiums outside the cities, in suburbs, thinking that the lower costs to build the stadiums would pay off. Since then those teams that built stadiums outside the city have struggled for attendance.

    Pune needs a stadium in the city IMO... and other things, but a city stadium is one of them.
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29313 Points
    Bharat FC not closing down.
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    Bharat should really adopt another city,,,nagpur/ahmedabad/Baroda even Navi Mumbai..all of them have a growing middle class which will support a professional team.
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    One reason people forget is that Kalyani Group is Pune/Maharashtra based company. They have all the links as Paraful Patel is also a Maharashtra based businessman cum Politician and so is Ambani. They need all the tax deduction based reasons in their state. Bharat name is not about India, it is from their company Bharat Forge Limited. It is not that they were looking all over India for venue and they zeroed on Pune. It is either Pune/Mumbai or nothing.
    Mumbai is expensive city for any Franchise as Hotel costs are a lot plus arranging venues cost is very high. In Pune it is much easier.
    In HIL also, one business group almost started Pune Franchise. but Pune astro-turf of hockey was torn , from the place they take Penalty Corners due to lack of water /mainetnance so that idea was shelved. That franchise-maharashtra based businessman then cancelled the plan. So it is either Pune or close the shop.
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points

    I am staying at pune for two years and I can say pune will be a good sports training hub for country given the facility in Balewadi...  But a sport loving city I doubt...


    Because even in rainy season here people play cricket in street... also the current location of stadium is not that accessible to city dwellers as is located quite a distance out of city


    The advantage with Mumbai fc was cooperage was located in one of prime location and people could easily spend 50-200 for 2 hrs of sport ... if Pune also could have location for such stadiums as mentioned by gaffer of  stadium by DSK then possibly things could change

  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    Nagpur is a good option for doesn't have a team....and people wld take to it... and it is well connected

  • ManjuManju Mysore34 Points
    Perfectly Nagpur was perfect! city like Pune with these many football clubs...FC Pune City, Pune FC, DSK Shivajians is of no use....Even Mumbai was feasible option as Mumbai FC runs on VadaPaav budget.
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