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    Mumbai cant hold more than one team whatever league may that be.. because you can play only in cooperage with a capacity of 5k can be expanded to atmost 8 k if north and south are created ever (unlikely for now) ...


    Also Mumbai fc may be running with small budget but have fielded few local youths and the crowd is because of that too.. Also Mumbai city FC has attracted fair share or European fans I suppose...


    So the best thing for Mumbai football would be a merge of these two teams when one of ISL/ I-league is made single top division league then we would have Mumbai FC set-up which will bring local lads to the scene with Mumbai city fc having a good foreign lads.. and fan base will be of friends and families of local players along with European league (mostly EPL) fans..


    My favourite location for Bharat FC would be to take a spot in Hrderabad which has a great history with some assured fan base like Bengaluru and no local competition from any clubs for fan base

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    @shankar Mumbai used to have good crowd for Mahindra United vs Air India games. I have been to Rovers Cup at Cooperage Stadium. 2 clubs in I-League have more chance in Mumbai then Pune.
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    KBFC won't move. ..its an ego thing for the guys who started the Club. .

    Have to boast to your mates and take them to the game...

    Here are 5 steps they can do to improve the team :

    1. Go with youth..take some of the best young talent in India like Milan Basumatary, Bidyananda , Myron Mendes , Girish Naik , etc. The addition of youth will give them some purpose and help the Indian youth teams in future
    2. GET RID of Stuart Watkiss and Stanley Rozario and bring in a progressive young Indian coach with an Assistant like Mahesh Gawli or samir Naik.
    3. Bring in a few top NE talents from Mizoram as this will ensure crowds coming in to watch the games..
    4. Have some feeder system in Kolhapur and Nagpur , were one can realistically hipe to get some talent
    5. Bring in better back room staff in all departments !!
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    Hope they do some of this, otherwise whats use of calling a Franchise or Corporate Club.
  • munna219777munna219777 28491 Points
    @gaffertape How much money this Bharat FC pay to AIFF every year for running this CORPORATE  club?
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    3 crores per year for next 5 15in total
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    @Manju Could you tell me source of your profile picture? 
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    @namewtheld only 62 more comments to go...
    will KBFC be able to manage that long ?

    Just heard frkm Bobby Hassell that they are only expected to be back for pre-season in November...!!

    What kjnd of a part time club is this ?
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    @gaffertape I mean... what can they do till then?
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Take part in Durand Cup...pre-season tour...doesn't have to be expensive like a trip to Japan or Korea...

    Could play Bordoloi in Guwahati and maybe Kings Cup in Bhutan...use it to blood some youngsters whilst ISL is going on...

    Beats paying for players wages and they just get fat in UK !
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