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    Kinda says a lot then about how the AIFF selected Kalyani Group.
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    Also to be noted that the thread started AFTER the first season is over. Shows the level of enthusiasm of the fans for the club.
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    Haha...there is obviously no enthusiasm from fans ...its a Pune what FANS
    wonder if AIFF will let the club fold they have had to furnich Bank guarantee and other things for Direct entry...

    But then again Mumbai Tigers / Dodsal dissappeared without any fuss
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    Why did Mumbai Tigers shut off shop before even starting? Was Essel group involved in this to make sure that Mumbai FC remains the only club from Mumbai in I League
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    What is the criteria for Corporate Slot? Dodsal Group, Kalyani Group?
    Businessman from Maharashtra, close links with Patel Saab, Badi Badi Baatein that they will build stadium, zero fans, and then just run away with no performance to boot.
    It was a retarded decision to give another slot to a city like Pune . Corporate slot should be used to spread Football where it is needed, not to give one more place to a city which is already saturated due to Pune FC plus years of air india, ongc.
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    The only reason I would allow the AIFF giving a slot to a corporate to put a team in a used city is if that corporate could prove they could do better than the current I-League club AND if that I-League is badly managed. In this case, if one was to want Kolkata I would say no but Pune, I would consider.
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    If only MDS was better managed *sigh* Pan India support base, guaranteed home fans, history..they have it all!
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    MDS had better management they could be based in Kolkata and utilise their pan India support to play "home" games in Delhi ( like ONGC did) or in Hyderabad to spread the game.

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    With I-League clubs such as Bengaluru FC, Pune FC, Salgaocar and Sporting Clube de Goa releasing players for the Indian Super League (ISL) this term, it seemed everyone had shed well-documented differences with the inter-city competition.

    Then, Bharat FC decided to walk on a different path. Players are the one missing ingredient in the club that finished last in the I-League, and after quashing rumours that they would wind up, club co-owner Kunal Agarwal told HT that they will try to steer clear of ISL players to the extent possible.

    Having come on board late last season they had to do the opposite.

    “We started in the first week of December and had very little time to arrange the team and preseasons. Also, the pool of players we could choose from was really small. We had to loan players from the ISL because most free agents had been signed by the league’s organisers,” said Agarwal over the phone from Pune.

    “This time we want to restrict the inflow and outflow of players from the ISL to two or three. Going to a different coach for three months means the whole philosophy and playing style changes. Then there is fatigue and injury post-ISL to deal with.

    “There are around 70 players who weren’t picked by ISL franchises in the draft. We have identified our targets and should have around 20 players who should start training by August 20. Our coaching staff stays the same. We want to build a squad that will be with us for some time, one that will be ours.”

    “But we are in this for the long term. The owners have reassessed the situation and we will focus on youth development, grassroots and on our academy.”

    Agarwal also said Bharat FC are planning at least three tournaments in Pune, one each for corporates, schools and colleges. “We plan to start them in September and the winners will get to see a match in the English Premier League. Instead of offering prize money we think this will engage the winners more with football.”
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    Good plan on paper!! How much will it be implemented?
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