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    Sad they were expellled in the 60's, The indian diaspora was one of the wealthiest there now are mere refugees. 

    Atleast the current generation can be proper indians and are slowly amalgamating into our society. 

    Their cuisine still hasnt picked off in a major way but is a popular street food.
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    Taking this thread towards the North, Punjab,  from the East and the south.
    Chola Bhatura or Chole Bhature, one of the most -watering dishes of Punjab, available almost everywhere in India.
    The crispy puffed Bhatura makes an excellent combo with hot & spicy Chole / Chickpeas curry. here is the recipe:
    This is the picture:
    I genuinely commiserate with you guys, who are living in hostels or are having stomach bugs. Having stayed at hostels and been down with a stomach bug for two weeks recently, I know what you are feeling. :'(. Blame @munna219777 for staring this thread and us foodies for contributing to it. :p
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    Sorry, 'starting' of  'staring' in the last sentence. You are the guys doing all the staring.
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    Man this thread is creating a havoc!!
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    Luckily I have stayed long enough in North (Delhi), East (Kolkata), West (Mumbai) and South (B'lore) corners of India to experience much of these cuisines. And sadly, I would have to avoid this thread for the same reason. I am stuck in the middle of nowhere at the moment, eating Tinda and Baingan.
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    Nihari is a famous Mughal dish from Old Delhi and Lucknow. It is basically stew of Mutton shank along with Bone Marrow and slow cooked overnight for 8-10 hours. Then it is served as stew of succulent meat + ghee + garnish of ginger and green chillies and eaten as Breakfast with Khameer Roti in Delhi and Kulcha in Lucknow. It is a very heavy Breakfast and it was served to labourers in Lucknow who were constructing various Imambaras  or it was eaten by Rich nawabs who used to sleep after eating this dish.

    Image result for nihari

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    There are some Tamils in moreh too for similar reasons
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    Guys.. Please close this thread... People will gain weight... I put on 2 kg
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    @Nagendra: Sorry about that. However, I cannot help posting another yummy one, the sweet and dark temptation, the Belgian Chocolate. I tasted it in its authentic version first in the UK and have since found it irresistible. Some people prefer the Swiss Chocolate, but I would go for this any day.
    Individual Piece Description

    Statutory warning: Chocolates can act as aphrodisiacs, so don't blame me for any unpleasant (pleasant?) side-effects.
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    Keema - Pav  (Minced Mutton with Bread) at Irani Hotels in Mumbai

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