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    Great bit of History there with Railways and Jackfruit. Its other name in Hindi is कटहल.
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    I chocked to severe discomfort at least a couple of times having the Kaanthal (Jackfruit). I dare not eat that again.I like the sweet smell though, in moderation. The Bankura region is quite famous for this fruit. In my school there, we had the fruit growing off tree trunks touching the ground.
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    It is a awesome delicacies. Due to the smell, it took me a long time to dare myself to eat it. But after that I have been fan of it. The ripe ones are the sweetest. Typically a awesome desert for breakfast/lunch. Not to undermine, they are really heavy on digestive system. :tongue: 

    Moreover, the dried Jackfruit seeds used to make fries and vegetable dishes are really awesome. And not to forget the raw jackfruit dishes. Too many food varieties in Bengal.
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    I Love Jackfruit. there are actually two variates as I know we call the soft juicy sticky one as "Ponous" in konkani and the Hard one pictured above as "Borkoi". I love Borkois.
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    This thread has been languishing for a long time, so I thought of posting something here. However, this time I am sharing a Bengali dish, Kachupatay Diye Chingri Bhapa (Colocasia with Steamed Shrimps), which I have not eaten but would definitely love to eat it some day. Here is the dish followed by the recipe:
    The Kasturi restaurant in Kolkata is famous for this dish, so I am thinking of visiting it one of these days. Here's a pic of the dish  from the restaurant itself:
    kochu patta diye chingri bhappa - Kasturi Restaurants photo

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    Vegetarians should  not feel left behind  in this thread.
    One of my favorite dishes from my home state Rajasthan,


    It is made with Besan and Yoghurt and then add up a Spicy Tadka.


    Kadhi Pakora Recipe

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    Any sort of pakoda is welcome to long as it is hot and crispy...particularly in the monsoons....bread, potato, onion, chicken...I am an omnivorous foodie
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    I had this, didn't like it though. In the gravy the pakora loses its crispness. Didn't like the sour taste too. 
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    We eat Kadhi Pakoda with Makki ki Roti. The dish has contrasting flavors- Sour taste due to Yoghurt element and fiery taste due to Tadka. Add Butter to Makki ki Roti (Corn Flour).

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    Kadhi pakora <3 !! In Delhi you have two types of people, one who say kadhi chawal is best and the other vouch for Rajma Chawal. 
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