2024 Calcutta Football League Premier Division

The Calcutta Football League or CFL 2024 is set to be an exciting season, continuing its legacy as the oldest football league in Asia. Organised by the Indian Football Association (IFA), the CFL brings together a myriad of teams from across West Bengal, showcasing the vibrant football culture of the region.

This year's competition promises thrilling encounters, particularly with traditional rivals East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in the same group.

When Does CFL 2024 Start? The CFL 2024 Premier Division kicks off on June 25, with the defending champions Mohammedan Sporting Club playing the opening match.

The Groups and Major Teams This season, the CFL Premier Division features 26 teams divided into two groups:

Group A:

Mohammedan SC
Diamond Harbor FC
BSS Sporting Club
Kalighat Milan Sangh
Aryan Club
 Army Red
New Alipore Suruchi Sangh
Southern Samiti
Measurers Club
United Sports Club
Wari AC

Group B:

East Bengal
Mohun Bagan
Police AC
Rainbow AC
Kalighat Sports Lovers Association
Railway FC
George Telegraph
Calcutta Police Club
Eastern Railway
Tollygunge Pioneers

The 2024 CFL Premier Division merges the top two tiers, Premier A and B, into a single expanded 26-team competition. Each group consists of 13 teams, playing each other once. The top three teams from each group advance to the Super Six round, where they compete for the championship with points carried over from the group stage.

The bottom four teams from each group enter the relegation round. Following the rule from last season, CFL 2024 will not feature any foreign players, adhering to the rules set by the All India Football Federation (AIFF). Also reports have suggested that seven West Bengal players and four players from other states are to be allowed in the playing XI of each team.

The matches will be held across various venues in Kolkata.

Mohammedan Sporting Club are the defending champions, whereas East Bengal holds the record as the most successful team in the history of the CFL, with 39 titles to their name.


The matches will be telecast live on Zee 24 Ghanta TV channel, with live streaming available on the Zee5 app and website




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    CFL Premier Division Fixtures

    datestagehomeresultawaygoalscorer home | awayvenue
    June 25 2024group AMohammedan SC7:00 PMWari ACKishore Bharati Krirangan
    June 27 2024group AUnited Sports Club3:00 PMDiamond Harbour FCBidhannagar MSC Ground
    June 27 2024group AKidderpore SC3:00 PMMeasurers ClubNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    June 27 2024group ASouthern Samity3:00 PMBSS Sporting ClubChinsurah Eastern
    June 27 2024group AKalighat Milan Sangha FC3:00 PMNew Alipore Suruchi SanghaKalyani Stadium
    June 27 2024group AArmy Red3:00 PMAryan ClubBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    June 29 2024group BPolice AC3:00 PMBhawanipore FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    June 29 2024group BEastern Railway FC3:00 PMCalcutta Police ClubChinsurah Eastern
    June 29 2024group BRailway FC3:00 PMKalighat Sports Lovers AssociationKalyani A Stadium
    June 29 2024group BGeorge Telegraph SC3:00 PMPeerless SCAmal Dutta Krirangan
    June 29 2024group BCalcutta Customs3:00 PMASOS Rainbow ACUluberia Stadium
    June 30 2024group BEast Bengal FC3:00 PMTollygunge AgragamiBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    July 1 2024group AKidderpore SC3:00 PMMohammedan SCMohammedan/Howrah Union Ground
    July 1 2024group ABSS Sporting Club3:00 PMPathachakra FCUluberia Stadium
    July 1 2024group AKalighat Milan Sangha FC3:00 PMWari ACChinsurah Eastern
    July 1 2024group AAryan Club3:00 PMUnited Sports ClubKalyani A Stadium
    July 1 2024group AArmy Red3:00 PMMeasurers ClubUluberia Stadium
    July 1 2024group ANew Alipore Suruchi Sangha3:00 PMSouthern SamityAmal Dutta Krirangan
    July 2 2024group BEastern Railway FC3:00 PMTollygunge AgragamiNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    July 2 2024group BKalighat Milan Sangha FC3:00 PMPolice ACNSC Kamalgazi

    July 2 2024group BBhawanipore FC3:00 PMMohun BaganBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    July 3 2024group BGeorge Telegraph SC3:00 PMCalcutta Police ClubKalyani A Stadium
    July 3 2024group BASOS Rainbow AC3:00 PMRailway FCAmal Dutta Krirangan
    July 3 2024group BCalcutta Customs3:00 PMPeerless SCUluberia Stadium
    July 4 2024group ABSS Sporting Club3:00 PMDiamond Harbour FCBidhannagar MSC Ground
    July 4 2024group AAryan Club3:00 PMPathachakra FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    July 4 2024group AWari AC3:00 PMArmy RedNSC Kamalgazi
    July 5 2024group AMohammedan SC3:00 PMKalighat Milan Sangha FCMohammedan/Howrah Union Ground
    July 5 2024group ANew Alipore Suruchi Sangha3:00 PMUnited Sports ClubAmal Dutta Krirangan
    July 5 2024group AMeasurers Club3:00 PMSouthern SamityChinsurah Eastern
    July 6 2024group BKalighat Sports Lovers Association3:00 PMBhawanipore FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    July 6 2024group BPeerless SC3:00 PMPolice ACKalyani A Stadium
    July 6 2024group BASOS Rainbow AC3:00 PMMohun BaganBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    July 7 2024group BCalcutta Customs3:00 PMTollygunge AgragamiChinsurah Eastern
    July 7 2024group BGeorge Telegraph SC3:00 PMEast Bengal FCEast Bengal/Aryan Ground
    July 7 2024group BRailway FC3:00 PMCalcutta Police ClubUluberia Stadium
    July 8 2024group AKalighat Milan Sangha FC3:00 PMKidderpore SCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    July 8 2024group AAryan Club3:00 PMDiamond Harbour FCBidhannagar MSC Ground
    July 8 2024group ANew Alipore Suruchi Sangha3:00 PMPathachakra FCBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    July 9 2024group AArmy Red3:00 PMMohammedan SCMohammedan/Howrah Union Ground

    July 9 2024group ASouthern Samity3:00 PMWari ACKalyani A Stadium
    July 9 2024group AMeasurers Club3:00 PMUnited Sports ClubChinsurah Eastern
    July 11 2024group BPeerless SC3:00 PMASOS Rainbow ACNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    July 11 2024group BRailway FC3:00 PMGeorge Telegraph SCNSC Kamalgazi
    July 12 2024group BCalcutta Police Club3:00 PMKalighat Sports Lovers AssociationKalyani A Stadium
    July 12 2024group BPolice AC3:00 PMEastern Railway FCAmal Dutta Krirangan
    July 12 2024group BTollygunge Agragami3:00 PMBhawanipore FCBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)
    July 13 2024group BMohun BaganvsEast Bengal FCTBD

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    CFL 1st match live here
  • samsam 16458 Points

    MDSP 6-0 Wari Full time
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9976 Points
    I think 26 teams are way too many. EPL has 20 and that should be the maximum. What is IFA thinking.
    CFL shouldn't have more than 16 teams in a two legged structure. More important is to spread it statewide (clubs from Asansol, Durgapur, Silguri, Malda, etc). And evening matches.
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    Results of today's matches

    June 27 2024group ADiamond Harbour FC2-1United Sports Club29′ 67′ Joby Justin | Dipesh MurmuBidhannagar MSC Ground
    June 27 2024group AKidderpore SC1-0Measurers Club55′ Jakob VanlalhlimpuiaNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
    June 27 2024group ASouthern Samity1-2BSS Sporting Club3′ Satish Hawaldar | 48′ Sukumar Sardar, 68′ Subhankar DasChinsurah Eastern
    June 27 2024group AKalighat Milan Sangha FC1-2New Alipore Suruchi SanghaShivun Kharga | Bablu Oraon (2)Kalyani Stadium
    June 27 2024group AArmy Red0-6Aryan Club3′ 52′ Biswajit Murmu, 35′ Sourav Hansda, 70′ Bikram Khan, 85′ Bapi Burman, 90′ Raju OraonBarrackpore (Bibutibhushan Bandyopadhay)

    haritrams24deepak dedha
  • samsam 16458 Points
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India29763 Points

    Mohammedan SC was held to a goalless draw by Kidderpore SC today
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