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    From what i know from the 2015 AFC Cup, Bangladesh and Pakistan are in the West Zone and India is in the East Zone, so Bangladesh/Pakistan clubs cannot be in the same group as an Indian Club. Do not know if same for 2016 Season.
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    For 2016 season, Mohun Bagan will be playing for AFC Champions League Qualifiers (Preliminary Round 1) and failing which they will participate in AFC Cup.
    Bengaluru FC will have to compete in Play-off to participate in AFC Cup. Will BFC be competitive and qualify for AFC Cup? Last season they didnt look serious in Asia competition. They lost last two games of Group as well as Round of 16 very tamely to give preference to I-league and ISL Auction commission.
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    Hmmm ..interesting if erroneous in parts. ..

    BFC not serious in AFC. .. :-/

    They took Johor Darul Takzim to overtime in ACL Qualifier and that too with no recognized striker ! (Sean Rooney was injured & Lord Robin doesn't count )

    Won 4 out of 6 games in the group & that too had to play 2 games without all their India player's and U23 misskng due to NT commitments ! !

    Still qualified with a game to spare and then had to face a tough trip away to Hong Kong days before the title decider back in India.

    I think you were expecting too much in the debut season in Asia for BFC !

    Also you aree forgetting how much more improved other players in Asia are compared to Indians.

    If anything is AIFF who are not taking AFC.Cup seriously.... stephen cunstantine when asked privately about his desire to force the 2 foreigner rule...said this " its not like any Indian team will win the AFC Cup "..... implying that 2 foreigner rule wont really hamper them

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    Still it would be a good realistic check for Indian clubs every year....i realistically dont see any club this year also going very far...Ileague being such a short and compressed league doesnt make it easy for clubs to go all out in Asia....and most clubs dont have the support staff to help players play high intensity matches a week. Our domestic calender is in such amess with NO Resolution in sight in the nxt 5 years (3 years for ISL to finally call it quits & another 2 for #Aiff top honchos to recover from the loss in personal annual bonuses)and till we get clarity there we can hardly expect our ileague clubs teams, with their limited means,to be competitive in asia.
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    Don't get..why would ISL shut down after 3 years, IMG would rather take India out of FIFA than shut anything which makes more money.. Oh wait, ISL tents makes no money :D
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    I don't get Stephen's logic? He wants 2 foreigners (or none) so that there are more Indians playing and thus perhaps the quality will improve... thus the clubs will improve and perhaps get better... AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!
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