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    @Sam please don't post links to porn sites we are Sanskari Indians we don't want that 
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    When did I post links to porn sites? 
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    earlier I used to watch mostly Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Bengali movies..

    now-a-days Tollywood making good & different variety of movies.. it's worth watching Telugu movies now..

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    I can recommend lots of good Bengali movies to you, especially by Satyajit Ray, my favourite director (if you are interested) ;)

    I had recommended some of them to @munna
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    yes plz... better post here...

    I know about him.. but haven't watched any old Bengali movies.. First share if any biopic 
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    For starters, you can begin with these two, my all-time favourite movies of Ray

    1) Kanchenjunga (1962) 

    2) Nayak  (1966)

    The first deals with human relationships in a middle-class Bengali family on vacation to Darjeeling in the backdrop of the Kanchenjunga, while the second portrays the real life of a Bengali matinee idol, played superbly by the Bengali legendary actor-star, Uttam Kumar. English sub-titles are there in both the movies. Absolute gems both.
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    Has anyone watched Sikkim by S Ray?
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    Watch: Satyajit Ray’s ‘Sikkim’, made before India annexed the kingdom

    The documentary was banned for nearly 40 years, and resurfaced only in 2010

    Fuelling the escalating tension along the Sino-Indian border, the Communist Party of China’s English language mouthpiece Global Timesran an editorial on Wednesday demanding independence for Sikkim. “After independence, New Delhi inherited the brutal colonial policies of Britain and pursues regional hegemony at the sacrifice of tiny Himalayan nations,” the piece read.

    Satyajit Ray’s documentary Sikkim (1971) reveals what the place used to be like before it was annexed by India in 1975. Sikkim was commissioned by Hope Cook, the American wife of the Chogyal of Sikkim, Palden Thondhup Namgyal. The documentary faced censorship on two fronts after it was completed. The Chogyal wasn’t pleased with the inclusion of poverty in what was supposed to be a promotional film. After the annexation, India made sure that Sikkim was banned from circulation. The documentary resurfaced only in 2010.

    Sikkim explores the hilly state’s people and their way of life through spectacular camerawork. The film never fails to capture Sikkim’s splendour, but it also provides a discreet commentary on the socio-political atmosphere at the time.

    Young Buddhist monks are seen playing Dungchen, the traditional Tibetan horn, as the camera gives us a bird’s eye view of the Himalayan snow peaks. Starting with a narration about the state’s natural elements (the mountain ranges, flora and fauna), the film moves to the villages, towns, the royal palace and the people. Speaking of the diversity of the state, the voiceover explains, “The original inhabitants of Sikkim were a hill tribe called the Lepchas...The Lepchas, the Nepalis, the Tibetans, the Bhutias are all components of the present day Sikkimese.”

    The state’s evident wealth disparity is also on display. In a sequence documenting Sikkim’s New Year celebrations, the film cuts synchronously between shots of the royal guests indulging themselves and poor locals enjoying feasts of rice and pork on the streets.

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    "Mahanagar" is a very good film.  Masterpiece by Satyajit Ray

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    About Sikkim, Dev Anand was the first to bring Sikkim on Celluloid screen. 1967 film "Jewel thief" was shot in Sikkim and promoted it also. Before that film, people didnt know much about Sikkim. It was independent kingdom at that time. Famous song "Hoton pe Aisi Baat" was shot inside Royal Palace of Sikkim.

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