Indian Super League Post-Season 2 Thread

After the war that took place in the "2015 Indian Super League" thread, thought we could use a clean thread to discuss the events that happen after the season concludes. If Admins feel this is not needed, feel free to delete/merge etc.

Anyway, news coming out is decent.

Marco Materazzi's contract is over at Chennaiyin but he is open to renewing if Chennaiyin offer him a deal. Personally see a lot of potential in him as a coach and could see him returning to Italy and taking an assistant coaching role in Serie A or something. Maybe a youth coaching role but would be great for ISL if he can return.

Meanwhile, Zico has again voiced that while the ISL is great for show, it can not really improve Indian football if the season is going to be just three months. Also questioned the over-reliance of foreign players in the league which, is a big topic recently from the players association who want to see the number of foreigners in the XI reduced from 6 to 5.

Let the lead up to Season 3 commence!
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