Who would you like India to play in the future?

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Give you opinions on who you want India to play in the future. Make it realistic though. Dont be like, "I want India to play Spain" because we all know that would not happen for obvious reasons.

For me I want a mixture of games on FIFA dates and non-FIFA dates but only have the First Choice Indian Players play in the FIFA dates.

Date (FIFA or Non-FIFA): Home-Away (Opponent FIFA Rank)

29 February (FIFA date): India vs Yemen (149 in FIFA)

March: AFC Challenge Cup

April 28: (Non-FIFA date): India vs Nepal
May 2: (Non-FIFA date): India vs Maldives

2 June: (FIFA date): India vs Singapore (147 in FIFA)
5 June: (FIFA date): India vs Indonesia (143 in FIFA)

August: Nehru Cup

8 September: (FIFA date): Malaysia vs India (148 in FIFA)
11 September: (FIFA date): Tajikistan vs India (140 in FIFA)
13 October: (FIFA date): India vs Kenya (121 in FIFA)
16 October: (FIFA date): India vs United Arab Emirates (138 in FIFA)

14 November: (FIFA date): Malta vs India (156 in FIFA)

Also I will add some under-19 and under-23 fixtures I would like to see happen realistically:

February 28: (under-19 team and under-23 team): India U19 vs Singapore U19 and India U23 vs Singapore U23
March 30: (under-23): India U23 vs Pakistan U23


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