2014-15 I-League Round 14: Theirs to lose! Can Bagan continue their momentum? IS SANJOY SEN A GOD!?



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    @gaffertape At this point, you are anti-Indian football.
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    Am I supposed to use black colour only ? If that is the rule of this forum please let me know, I will use black colour only. Otherwise I think I'm free to use colour of my choice.
    Do you know AIFF owe Mohun Bagan 20 Lac ?

    Both the Kolkata Clubs are passing through a terrible financial crunch. Mohun Bagan are not being paid by Sponsors since October, ED has freezed one of their major a/cs because of Sarada scam. By a different logic though "Sahara" has also been involved in a big scam, no a/c of BCCI (whom Sahara sponsored till recently) has been touched.... forget about freezing. To me it is just a nonsense game to kill Kolkata football by making life difficult for Mohun Bagan & East Bengal so that ISL can flourish.

    I appreciate healthy criticism, but not the type which has been dished out by a select few in this forum. I'm a hardcore Mohun Bagan supporter and I feel proud for that. Also I firmly believe that unless Club rivalry is there the National team can never reach a reasonable standard. Everybody has the right to support a Club of his choice but to post derogatory comment about one particular club who after a long time is trying desperately to find its feet is not appreciated. 

     I've used "funky colour" yet again, please bear with me.
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    "To me it is just a nonsense game to kill Kolkata football by making life difficult for Mohun Bagan & East Bengal so that ISL can flourish."

    What the fuck would they gain my killing Kolkata football?
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    ask this question to AIFF

    Mohun Bagan and East Bengal remain as the biggest obstacle. Step by step you kill Kolkata Club football so that fan base will be forced to root for ISL, now it is just superficial. Organize a match between ISL Champion v Mohun Bagan or East Bengal and see how many in the crowd are in ATK colour and how many in Mohun Bagan / EB Colour.

    ISL will be played for 3 m and 17 matches at the most for a team. Now from January to May for Fed Cup & present 11 team I-League a team may play maximum 26 matches. Then you have International commitments, so finishing Fed Cup & I-League becomes a problem. So what you do ?
    Step # 1 KILL Kolkata Clubs, because Goan and North East Clubs will be happy to be a part of ISL and BFC, PFC, Bharat FC can be lured in to ISL. and who cares for others ??  
    Step # 2 Scrap the biggest Cup tournament (Federation Cup) so that the Clubs have even lesser matches every year and reduce their budget and fade away gradually.
    Step # 3 Further reduce number of clubs in I-League and advertise it is not worth and scrap it in a couple of years.
    Step # 4 Rope in a few more corporate houses and form an ISL with 10/12 teams having 40 y old marquee players.
    Step # 5 Take India to the bottom of the FIFA ranking.

    What AIFF should never do:
    Never adapt the Japanese model, by which Japan has become a strong Football nation in the last 20 years. But why ???? Because we don't WANT to see India grow as a Football power, our motto is
    "Prafool Prafool......yes Papa
    making money ?.....no Papa
    telling lies ?
    no Papa
    show me your a/cs
    ha ha ha"

  • RonnyRonny 9624 Points
    Some positives from this round:

    Gabriel and Udanta are back on the pitch as substitutes..hope they get better by the time senior camp comes up..
    Jacki and Seitya impressive again..
    Robin scores though from a goal mouth meele
    Milan Singh on the score sheet(I dont expect to see him in India team now though)

    Negative: Holi still couldnt score from 1 on 1..seems like he's carrying an injury also!
    Sunil trying hard but unable to score
    Dempo finding it really tough..imagine players like Sushil Kumar playing!
    Mumbai's potential Indian players like Ashutosh Mehta seems to be fading away
    ArsenalFan700bida 25 reddevil87
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    Ashlesh u dont seem like following my advice :P
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    @ronny add to positive len who along with adiga were the reason for the rout..expect him to get a call or move to better team if he continue playing like that for rest of season
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    @AKB Dempo is already part of ISL. AIFF/Reliance has already got rid off Chruchill, Mohd Sporting, United SC, this year its gonna be Sporting and Salgaocar may be next. And none of the existing NE clubs in I-League have neither the money or infra to get close to ISL, not atleast for next 5 years. Its just the Kolkata big two and Bengaluru FC which either needs to be in roped in or shut out by AIFF/Reliance. 
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    BFC will be shut out and someone else will be roped in who will play to the tunes of IMG-R
  • munna219777munna219777 28316 Points
    If it was that easy for IMG-Reliance and their henchmen in AIFF, they would have shut down I-League by now. There is FIFA / AFC watching and ISL will never qualify as a league in their eyes.
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