Bharat FC



  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Will officially be closed in 3 days according to one of their staff...
    Stuart Watkiss 6 pack topless coaching pics will be no more.....
  • archakarchak 2082 Points
    btw when is the new expansion being announced?
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points

    the best news of this is that ashutosh and sampath, mainly ashutosh might stay for another season in Mumbai fc..

  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    edited August 2015
    Did they pay 2.5 crore or 3 crore fees to AIFF for Corporate slot in I-league or not? Waste Club.Who approved their inclusion in I-league? Who is their promoter in AIFF?
    I-League back to 10 teams now.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Will they just focus on the youth development? All there posts are about that.
  • dhungel35dhungel35 444 Points
    Will we see dempo in I- league 2015-16 now ??
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10467 Points
    really sad news for Pune fans they come in huge number to support there club
    reAlly sad that I can no more hear those awesome chants during KBFC matches :'(
  • deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
    Dude the sad part is BFC needs competition to really develop as a Worst case scenario we may have a 8 team ileague...that will be the sad part. Just becoz #IMG doesnt like it, doesn't mean we should be deprived of a pulsating league which builds & moves forward on last years awesome ileague,after the corporate joke ends in december. Reminds me of when Coca cola rentered india & decided Indians should only drink coke.they bought out ThumsUp to kill the brand, they are still trying. Thumsup cld have been a top SAFF/SEA brand by now had we stood up to the white bastards. But we rarely learn from history & IMG/AIFF master-slave relationship maybe proves it...@footydip is going to hate me for this post:)) clubs leaving ileague within a year just kills the brand equity...maybe it will be good if the ileague clubs bite the bullet this year and stop the ileague till #IMG cones to the table with serious intent.1) the league registered as a separate legal entity with a CEO chosen by the clubs 2) ileague played b/w october-april 3) atleast 14 teams in each of the 2 division 4) proper revenue sharing agreements. Since when Bengal become so docile against such obvious discrimination?!
  • footydipfootydip Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal2722 Points
    :D I don't hate anyone who loves Indian football. Be it I league, ISL or anything.It is just point if view which differs. No hatred to any fellow Indian mate. Don't take any post personally.
  • DXDX 4074 Points
    i hardly understand the boo hoo of i-league being reduced or being given second hand treatment. certainly not talking with a bias of ISL but you reap what u sow.
    poor business model, poor marketing, poor vision, lack of infrastructure push and poor corporate selection for a geographical push all will result in a poor package.

    BFC is a freak incident, proof that BFC wants to come into ISL while bharat FC wants to fold is prime case studies.
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