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    @Domnic not criticizing but just surprised by the number. Yup i hope the players can gel quickly and thus provide Pune with a real shot in being in top 4. I agree that they are trying to connect with the Pune crowd through their numerous fan schemes and hoping to see some effect on the attendance for this year.
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    FC Pune city is trying really hard and I appreciate their efforts. Its up to the people of pune to give them what they deserve i.e. a full house. If not now with such a great squad, then I'm sorry but pune does not deserve a football team ever in the future. Don't know what these pune guys want. What sport do they love? These guys are mysterious
  • By 20,000 he means to say 20,000 different people bought tickets for the games, i.e. a lot of those 20,000 bought tickets for more than one game.
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    That is a very weird way of putting it but I guess I can understand why.
  • Panaji: Before it all came crashing at Chelsea FC and later Fiorentina when he was banned for failing an anti-doping test, Adrian Mutu was the golden boy of Romanian football. Romania's joint top international goalscorer with 35 goals (sharing the distinction with Gheorghe Hagi) and FC Pune City's marquee player, Mutu now hopes for another chance to set the record straight. Excerpts from an exclusive telephonic interview with TOI on Sunday.

    Your move to FC Pune City is out of compulsion or choice?

    I had offers from a couple of European clubs but I chose FC Pune City. I am grateful to the president after what happened last year. I could not get to India on time and he behaved very well with me. I appreciate that. It was one of the reason why I chose to stick with FC Pune City.

    You did not play competitive football for almost a year. Won't that make it tough for you?

    I didn't play for almost nine months but I have been working hard in training. The pre-season here (in Turkey) has helped a great deal. I know there is lot of work ahead of me but I am sure I will be in good shape when the tournament starts next month.

    Are you happy with those around you at FC Pune City?

    I think we have a very good team. I know these are early days but I am impressed by the Indian players. I did not expect them to be so good. Of course, they lack experience but they are all good players.

    You are 36 now. How many more years do you give yourself at the top?

    I don't know. I still have that passion for playing football and I will keep doing it even after India. But, honestly, I cannot put a time frame on it. Let me see how this (season) goes and then I will take a call.

    You had an unremarkable past, especially those days at Chelsea FC, Fiorentina and subsequent bans for failing anti-doping test. Do you get upset when someone reminds you of your past?

    All this is something of the past but I know it's going to follow me wherever I go for the rest of my life. There is no denying I made mistakes. But everyone makes mistakes, isn't it? Those days are all behind me.

    You are Romania's joint top international goalscorer, alongside the great Gheorghe Hagi. Any regrets that you could not surpass his record?

    For that to happen, I have to get another chance. I am now focused on FC Pune City and the ISL, and I hope I will be in good shape at the end of it all to get a call from the national team.

    But you have been banned from the national team after you compared the coach to Mr Bean!

    I had a problem with the former coach (Victor Piturca) who is now no longer in charge. I am sure I will get another chance.

    Romania are ranked seventh in the world at the moment but have not played in the World Cup since 1998.

    Maybe it's because I did not score enough goals. In the (World Cup) qualifiers, we came up short, but Romania will play in the European Championship (2016) and I think we will finally qualify for the World Cup. It's not beyond us.
  • PUNE: Indian Super League (ISL) franchise FC Pune City have strengthened their attacking options by signing Nigerian midfielder Kalu Uche and Dutch striker Wesley Verhoek for the 2015 edition of the league, beginning on October 3.

    Kalu has previously played for French team Bordeaux and Spanish sides Almeria, Levante and Espanyol. Verhoekhas played for Dutch side ADO Den Haag and Feyenoord.

    Both expressed their happiness at the prospect of joining Pune.

    "Seeing some of the top footballers signed up with FC Pune City, I felt this would be a great opportunity as well a new challenge for me. I hope to share my experience with the Indian boys and help the team become champions," said the Nigerian in a release on Tuesday.

    "FC Pune City also has a great line up so sharing the locker room with some of the legends of the game will only add further value to my game," said Wesley.

    Pune coach David Platt said, "In both Wesley and Kalu we have satisfied our requirements and have 2 very important players who will compliment what we already have. I can't wait until they are with us and we are complete."

    Pune earlier completed the signing of Romanian star Adrian Mutu as their marquee player. The team is currently undergoing its pre-tournament training in Turkey.
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  • Two excellent signings that!
  • Indian Super League (ISL) franchise FC Pune City's head coach David Platt on Monday said he believes the country's footballers must aim to go abroad, specially to European countries, to improve their standard.

    The former English footballer said several Indian players including Eugeneson Lyngdoh and Jackichand Singh looked impressive in the franchise's pre-season outing at Antalya, Turkey, ahead of the second edition of the ISL which starts on October 3.

    This is the second phase of the club's pre-season training plans. In the first phase, a conditioning camp was conducted at the team's home ground at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium in Pune.

    The entire squad, including the foreign signings, have assembled in Antalya to be trained under the British coach.

    "I think Indian players going and playing in abroad especially European countries like Germany, Spain, England and Italy will help them improve their standard of playing. They can judge where they stand when they play against top players," Platt told reporters during a conference call from Turkey.

    "Specially Eugeneson and Jackichand and some others like Israil Gurung and Gouramangi Singh have impressed me in during the pre-season training. They have good technique, skills and they are professionally good. They are all God gifted players. Good enthusiasm and good character is some of the things I have noticed in them," he said.

    Speaking about Pune's chances in the upcoming second edition, the coach said, "We have a balanced squad. I am happy with the players I have got. There are some good Indian and foreign players. All I am targeting is to win the ISL."

    With most of the teams heading abroad to countries like Turkey, South Africa and Spain for their pre-season training, Platt feels that weather conditions and other factors will not matter when they return to India and play in a hot and humid climate.

    "Nowadays players are professional. Even European clubs also sometimes go out to train. With good playing facilities, good gym, good food and medical facilities, it will surely help the guys. When we play in morning, the temperature is hot and similar to that of India and when we train in evening, it is cooler which will be similar during November and December in India," the coach said.

    When asked about the toughest challengers for Pune in the ISL, he said, "We don't want to waste our time thinking about other teams. We will look at what positives we have, what options we have and try to improve on those and give our best performance."

    Pune will open their campaign against Mumbai City FC in a home match at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium on October 5.
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    David Platt's expertise in the field of player analysis and man-management has already been lionized at the Eastlands, where at Manchester City, he worked closely with world class talent who he helped win the Premier League (PL). Fast forward to his stint with the Indian Super League (ISL) franchise FC Pune City and the former Arsenal and Juventus midfielder believes he has the same strata of Indian talent available at his disposal, whilst also disclosing he couldn't care less as to which team competes with his side for the tournament 'favourites tag'.

    "I think the Indian players are really very good as simple as that. They are exceptional with their industry and enthusiasm. They might not be as technically gifted as the European lot but three-to-four of them are up there with no disrespect to the other players," revealed the coach during an interatcion with the media, when quizzed about the quality of Indian personnel at his disposal.

    Asked to name the players he felt could make it with the level of players he'd previously trainied, the gaffer commented, "No disrespect to the other Indian players but Eugeneson Lyngdoh and Jackichand Singh are up there. Gouramangi Singh is an absolute professional and dedicated to his work. I couldn’t ask for more."

    With FC Pune City's signings grabbing the cynosure of attention, the focus shifted to how Platt would accomodate the talent and the kind of football to be expected from the team who finished sixth last season in the ISL. Platt calmly replied, "We are looking to keeping it simple really. When you have the ball you got to score, when you don’t you have to defend and get the ball back. It’s about passing it around and getting into the opponents faces and ultimately winning matches.”

    Questioned as to what his personal aim is with the Deccan franchise, the 49-year-old explained, "Obviously, it’s a fabulous experience. When I spoke to the owners, all I could think about is 'I want to participate in this'. It gives me a good experience and I’m looking forward to every bit of it.”

    Finally, Platt was quoted as saying he "really doesn't care" about how other teams preparations carry on, as long as his team focus and accomplish their aims.

    “I do not look at other franchises a lot really. There are a host of variables that contribute to the tournament - the decisions if they do or do not go your way, how the team travels and how well they cope with injuries. There is no need for me to look at other clubs. We need to look at ourselves, what we are about and what we can do, rather than focusing on the rest," concluded the Orange and Purples' coach.
  • The Pune franchisee host Mumbai City FC in their first game on October 5 and play their last league match against Chennaiyin FC on December 5.

    But Platt believed his team, currently on their pre-season tour in Turkey, can win the league mostly because the Indian players in the squad have improved tremendously.

    "I've seen the Indian players at training, and I can say that though they may not be that technically sound, their willingness and enthusiasm to learn is what will make the difference. Some of the Indians are at par technically with the foreigners in the team. So, I'm expecting a lot from them."

    When asked what's the biggest improvement he has seen with the Indian players, Platt said that they've become more confident. "In the first season, the players were new to the league and new to playing alongside legends.

    What I've seen with the little I've been with the team is that the boys are not nervous any more. They're no more afraid to express themselves on and off the field."

    A problem that most franchisees will face this season is the absence of key Indian players for three games of the league owing to national team commitments in India's 2018 World Cup qualifier games.

    But Platt preferred to look at the positive side. "Though the team has spent big bucks on them, national commitments cannot be ignored. We'll have the players for 11 games. And though these players will miss a bit of pre-season too, I know that they're professional enough to adapt to the situation and gameplay," the former Juventus and Aston Villa player said.

    When asked if the national team performance is affected by the fact that the Indian players play a different game in the I-League, ISL and the national team, Platt replied in the negative.

    "Strategies may be different, but the core of it remains the same. Each player should know how to attack and how to defend. That's the only thing that's important," he said.
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