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    Kolkata clubs have been around for a long time. Isl clubs from 2 years. It is expected with over 100 years of existence , Kolkata clubs will have a decent youth academies.
    Surely if isl clubs are matching EB and MB then that's a disappointment on their part.
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    FC Goa has met and spoken to Laxmikant Kattimani, Romeo Fernandes and Mandar Rao Dessai but the players have decided to opt from signing as the team is still trying to negotiate financial terms. “Romeo Fernandes and Mandar Rao Desai have asked for time as they are looking for other options. They are not happy with the financial package being offered to them by us,” a highly placed FC Goa source told The Navhind Times.

    “Mandar Rao Desai has asked for eighty lakhs. Romeo has asked around the same. Kattimani has asked less but FC Goa expect them to scale down. FC Goa has not asked them to climb down drastically but have asked them to look for a fifteen to twenty lakhs climb down.” disclosed our source.

    Highly placed sources in FC Pune City have disclosed that negotiations with Mandar have reached a serious stage and in all probabilities he will be seen wearing their colours for the coming ISL.

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    Welcome Orange Army. We have a dedicated thread for FC Pune City
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    FC Pune city throwing money players this year,,, trying to be the new Man City of Indian football....

    Much as I admire the CEO for his passion , he is being conned and misled by Football Edge
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    They have passion. They are very rich. They are desperate to win. Just that they are kinda being misguided by Football Edge as gaffertape said. That is why we need right people with right experience to guide them. That is what good management people do. Channelize the resources properly. Otherwise, their opinion about Indian Football won't take long to change (read no scope for development and growth) and it won't take them long for their coffers to die up and pull out of the game.
    Someone guide them.
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    Welcome to the IFN ,guys :-)
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    How can the team that payed Lyngdoh all that money be ripped off! I have not heard such stupid remarks in my life! :p
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    Lyngdoh is a good player....but to pay that much in the Auction  ?

    Don't forget they did an instant trade in the draft and paid more for Puia of PFC....how much did he play ?

    They paid big BIG money for Yendrick Ruiz for a LOAN ...yes a loan... 
    Why pay a loan fee for an injured striker...
    They basically rehabilitated him and got 9 goalless games from him !? David Platts comments on him were priceless...along the lines of what Roberto Carlos thought of Lord Robin Singh. 

    Gourmangi Singh.... Susanth Matthew 
    RENEDY Singh as Asst coach...

    The list is endless....

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    If all that wasn't enough....60Laks Delhi Dynamos reject Francis Fernandes joins FCPC 
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