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    now today will tell you all about away trips in brief
    how club arrange away trip and how fans have no value for it

    club had started arranging away trips since 2015 season , their intention was good no doubt. They wanted to show they get good support and it was good promotion of football culture I will give them that. but some idiots never realised its importance. FC Pune city arranges their away travels in discounted prices such as 50% off or the price which is close to lowest cost transport mode, rest they get sponsors (as they claim) or club pays for it. these trips were never free that was one good thing but fans never paid full.

    in 2015 , they had arranged Pune-Goa trip in 600 INR , can you believe that in 2016 it was 1200+ and then continued for rest two seasons. same way they arrange mumbai trip ranging from 200 to 500INR.
    This cost includes travel and match tickets. In this 2015 trip , club had also arranged stay and food for that day at nominal cost say 200 INR. Everything was going well except bus got late and it reached at 1pm.
    Few ungrateful a** wanted to skip this stay in goa since they already wasted their time so it made no sense to them and instead they could take bath @beach and have lunch as per their liking. It took lot of persuading from club employees after which they agreed for lesser cost. Mind it, it wasnt just any random hotel it was Astoria Hotel
    which was staler deal at that cost. rooms were clean , food was good.
    This is great example as how one could act like b*tch and get away with it. What was club gaining by giving stay and food at such nominal cost? one should be thankful that they were getting end to end travel in convenient way.

    Go by bus or train from pune to goa , try to stay in hotels on your own you will realise how hard and costly it is.

    all the figures may vary little but those were fairly accurate and one can easily access those , those were never hidden,Any which way this was best trip among their away travels as other fans claim sadly I could not attend this but above scenario was confirmed by many people. 

    Club should have stopped those trips  but it didnt happen, Next year's trips were almost as good as this but at little higher costs. They eventually got less response because many whatsapp warriors chosen to attend el classico derbies and what not.

    Now what was club's fault? they kept on arranging these trips and tried to show that they were getting good responses. in one trip to banglore they invited Chennai fans which was plain dumb idea luckily no one was injured in clash between chennai fans and local banglore goons. Last year they took some grassroots kids who were already in banglore . I still dont understand whats with this urgency to bolster their support which is actually less through such fake photoops. In kerala they went on to show some 200 fans from ashique's town who came to support him as if they were fcpc fans. Sorry you are stupid.
    2018 season goa trip barely had 10 fans in their travel trip that tells a lot.

    Leave aside those employees in orange army , neither local fans attended these trips regularly nor those so called european supporters after 2015  (supposedly they had collaboration again it was public event to glorify those bastards by excluding normal fans) . 2017 season was exception because club was doing good in league in that year.
    Why this happened , answer is easy . fan group and club kept running behind same set of inactive fans for 5 years.
    freebies and concessions and all stuff is good for short term but it will not give you loyal support.

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    So when do we close this thread ? :wink:
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    Should we rename this thread or open a new one for Hyderabad FC
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    Let's open new one, fcpc and Hyderabad Fc are not the same clubs
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    Out of respect for handful genuine fans , keep thread as it is. Both clubs are different

    I will be busy in meetings next week I will resume my exposing work.
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