FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 & AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualification



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    Nepali will get their ass whipped by Australia, Jordan and Kuwait. 
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    That's OK as long as you acknowledge Buddha was born in Nepal 
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    I miss those days man. Nepali fans calling us Dhoti, panipuri etc  :D
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    Nepal renovating dasarath rangasala for SAG 2019 .It is learned that the renovation work won't be completed by September. If it is also completed, national sports council won't make it available for matches. The government is hosting SA Games in December later this year.

    Post deadly earthquake in 2015, lucky Nepal got opportunity to compete in AFC Asian Cup qualifiers thanks to champions tag in AFC Solidarity cup 2016. There was no proper stadium so they played home matches at APF ground and ANFA complex which doesn't comply with AFC/FIFA standards. The world governing bodies compromised and allowed Nepal to play home matches in mini complex. Few hundreds fans could watch the match. Rest fans were left frustrated for not being able to support the team in bigger stadium.
    ANFA is under immense pressure as they have to submit the name of venue (home ground) to FIFA/AFC by the third week of July. And they don't have any option to APF ground and ANFA complex. This time, AFC/FIFA mightn't compromise and won't let Nepal play home matches in cramped sporting facilities like APF ground and ANFA complex. 
    If that is the case, ANFA can request FIFA/AFC to reschedule its home matches to neutral venue where many Nepalese expats are living. Like, Doha Qatar.
    However, the FA is discussing with National sports council and sports ministry to finalize the venue.

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    Record of India vs Oman

    Result Score Competition
    21 Sep 1994
    W 1-4 Independence
    31 Mar 2004
    L 1-5 FIFA World Cup
    17 Nov 2004
    D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
    23 Feb 2012
    L 5-1 International Friendly
    11 Jun 2015
    L 1-2 FIFA World Cup
    13 Oct 2015
    L 3-0 FIFA World Cup
    27 Dec 2018
    D 0-0 International Friendl

    One Win in 1994 tournament.  3 Loss and 1 Draw in World Cup Qualifiers. We have been grouped against Oman for 2006 World Cup and 2018 World Cup Qualification Group before. This is the third time.

    Overall is 1 win, 4 Loss and 2 Draw for India against Oman.
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    Oman and India love story in WCQ is like Argentina and Nigeria love story in WC
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    What about Argentina Germany love story?
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    Nepal should play in India, after all they are part of Akhand Bharat 
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    Geographically speaking, yes. 
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