FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar



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    To all my IFN friends---start the grand treat with this!! :)

    Have your fill...LOVE YOU ALL!! <3 <3
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    Looks yummy. plz courier few sweets to Hyd
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    its great to see messi breaking all these records but it looks like mbappe will break all of them if he stays healthy. he is apparently quite obsessed with things outside of football, like making movies and becoming a huge star while he is still young so hope he doesnt get distracted.
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    They should really get it corrected
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    No big deal. No reason for our people to take things so personally.
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C3720 Points
    We have to take the intention into context. They made a honest mistake we should move on instead of being a cry baby about it. All they tried to do is appreciate all our support. No point in reading too much into it.
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    World Cup 2022 - ARGENTINA "Journey in Qatar" Official Movie (Lionel Messi's Generation)

    In many ways, it is also a personal journey for me; back in 1986, a shy, callow kid studying in Class 3 was venturing into the world of football. East Bengal had just acquired some significance in my life, Krishanu Dey and Bikas Panji had newly joined the club, Chima Okorie was beginning to make splashes on Indian shores (though in Mohammedan Sporting though in a year he would join the deadly duo in East Bengal). Our class teacher had asked us to write an essay on the World Cup final, and I remember my mother and my father poring over the Sportsworld and Sportstar magazines to write the essay. Next day, my essay was judged to be the best in class and our teacher read out excerpts of it to the whole class! ;)

    Social media was unheard of, telephone was a rarity in our locality, television sets were slowly becoming a part of the Bengali household in Durgapur. I remember watching the entire match in a television set in one of our neighbour's house at late night. Life was simple and slow: globalization was still some years away, newspapers were the staple source of news--football or otherwise.

    WC 1986 was not simply a football event: it was a landmark, it provided a glimpse of world football to ordinary Indians and it also stood as a signpost between too eras, the one fading with its old school values and morality and traditions and the one to come with its hurly burly, its information boom, its "sick hurry, its divided aims"

    This time around, there was an information boom: previews, last minute scoops were bandied about on social media, there were animated discussions in every possible forum. Every single website/forum was providing the latest update, telephone, television, newspapers had almost become relics and even yours truly, neither callow anymore but thoroughly battle-hardened, who hates social media, has a WhatsApp account (demands of professional life) and was reliving this incredible triumph with friends and colleagues on it!! ;) B)

    Among all these--there was one constant, Argentina had triumphed in the WC and my passion for the La Albiceleste remains as fervent as ever !!!!
  • I remember my mother and my father poring over the Sportsworld and Sportstar magazines to write the essay. Next day, my essay was judged to be the best in class and our teacher read out excerpts of it to the whole class! 

    that's something to remember for whole lifetime.

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