India in Rio Olympics 2016



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    Inderjeet has been performing greatly in last couple of years... improving his best performances in recent years...

    If he reached final round of Olympics it will be good performance for him

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    I was just going through web and we got total of 8 athletes qualified so far while 5 shooters have qualified with hockey team being the only team to qualified to olympics...


    In 2012 we had 11 shooters and 14 athletes qualified for 2012 Olympics...


    With other sports qualification expected to come year end, it doesn't look like we would improve much on squad that sent last time

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    With our Indian Football team disappointing its follower's, I thgt of sharing the status of Indian participation in another global bonanza(Olympics) which is giving positive vibe. As of Today ,55 competitors from India have booked their places to Rio Olympics in 4 sports.These sports are :-
    1)Field Hockey-16 each for men and women making 32 in total.
    2)Archery-4 in total.
    3)Shooting-7 in total.
    4)Athletics-12 in total.
    Hope our competitors can cross the magic number of 100.I personally am hoping it will be arnd 120 (India's highest ever) and I am hopeful we can convert it medal ratio of 10:1 which means abt 10 medals( India's highest ever).Fingers crossed.
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    @Bad Shooting,Badminton and Wrestling are the only hope.

    Change in rules in Boxing (No Headgear) have hit our hopes in Boxing. It will take us many years to produce next generation of Vijender Singhs.
    weightlifting-we used to be so strong in the days of Malleswari, kunjarani devi but drug scandals and bans have hit us hard. Now we struggle even at Asian level.
    Wrestling- Lets see how Amit Kumar, Bajrang can emulate their seniors like Sushil Kumar.
    I am targeting 5 medals.

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    Well according to me there are 6 sports in which India can win medal(s):-
    1)Shooting:-(2-3 medals) with new rules anyone who is in the final can win it.Any Indian shooter can win but still high hopes from Jitu,Gagan and actually there are many more.
    2)Wrestling:-(2-3 medals) Usual suspects Sushil,Yogeshwar and Amit are best hopes.I would say dnt be surprised if both Sushil and Yogeshwar win Gold medals.It will be tough though but medal is least which we shd be expecting.
    3)Boxing:-(2-3 medals)I knw that in Asian games and Commonwealth games Indian boxers hv disappointed but there hv been claims of favouritism in these competitions and these hv been made by other countries as well.I feel World boxing championship will help us in judging the boxing contingent better but I am still hopeful that we can get 2-3 medals if bouts are judged on merit.Devendro,Shiva ,Vikas Krishna ,Mary seem to be our best bets where Devendro(can win us Gold because he has the power to knock opponents out,which means he can make a comeback anytime)
    4)Badminton:-(1-2 medals)- Realistically 1 but hopeful of 2.Saina being the best chance.I can't see men's event winning us a medal with Lin Dan,Lei Chong and Chen Long being in the mix.
    5)Lawn Tennis:-(1-2 medals) Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles are best bets but I feel in both the events Leander has to play.My desired medal winning combinations would be Leander and Mahesh and Leander and Sania.
    6)Archery:-(1-2 medals)Realistically 1 medal.I feel Women's Recurve Team will be the best hopes rather than Men' s team or individual events.
    I am hoping of 10-12 medals with probably 2-3 Gold Medals. I knw it is very difficult to predict Gold but I will still stick my neck out.
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    World wrestling championship is starting from tomorrow, so its a good chance for wrestlers to book their place in the Olympics.I think Top 6 in each category automatically qualify so lets see in how many categories our wrestlers can qualify.
  • BadBad 5141 Points
    Hi guys,a good news is coming in.
    According to unconfirmed sources,
    Narsingh Yadav has won a bronze in World Wrestling Championships thereby securing a quota place for India in 74 kg freestyle category in next yr Olympics.

    Important and most interesting thing to look out for in times to come is since number of categories in Wrestling have been reduced for next yr Olympics thus Sushil Kumar and Narsingh will hv to compete for the same category that is 74 kg which will ultimately lead to one world class wrestler missing out on the ticket as only 1 representation is allowed per weight category per country.

    This concludes World Wrestling Championships which was also an Olympic qualifying tournament with India securing 1 Olympic quota spot thru Narsingh but it will be interesting to see if actually Narsingh or Sushil will represent us in that category.

    Other notable performances:-
    1)Babita Kumari came 7 th whereas top 6 were supposed to earn the tickets to Olympics.
    2)Bajarang(Even though he was in a non Olympic category 61kg but narrowly missed out on a bronze medal) In Bronze medal match he was leading his opponent 6-5 with 10 sec to go but his opponent in last 10 sec earned a point to equal the scores and won by having secured the last point.
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