India in Rio Olympics 2016



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    Both Argentina and Ireland are difficult teams to beat. Only Canada is easy opposition.
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    So there is this brilliant shooter called Apurvi Chandela. She is surely one of the contenders for the gold in this years olympic games for us

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    why she making Indian proud ? stop posting links every where 
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    Wanted to share the updated status of our Rio quest.As per today,67 competitors have secured qualification for Rio across 5 sports.Breakdown is as follows:-
    Some of the important Olympics qualification tournaments are taking place in March in Rowing,Wrestling,Boxing etc so our Participation prospects can swell drastically.
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    Wrestling -1 surprises me. Who has qualified? Sushil, yogeshwar, bajrang, phogaat sisters looked almost certain to qualify atleast.
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    edited February 2016
    Only one Olympic qualifying event has taken place so far i . e the World Championship 2015.
    From that event,Narsingh Yadav won a bronze and thereby secured a quota place in 74kg category(men).
    Now,the issue is that the categories of Wrestling have been reduced.
    A country in sports like Wrestling ,Boxing can only send 1 athlete per category.
    So,with the reduction of categories our wrestlers are basically overlapping.
    Eg)In 2012 Olympics categories were like

    But now,categories are like:
    1)57kg-Most probably will be Amit Kumar but I haven't seen him in a long time.He is also genuinely capable of winning a medal as has already won a silver medal in the world Championship previously.
    2)66kg-Most probably Yogeshwar because Bajrang wrestles in 61kg(which is not an Olympic category,however it is a category at Asian,Commonwealth, World Championships)This is Yogeshwar's last Olympics(he has said) so I feel after him Bajrang will represent India in this category.
    3)74kg-There will be a match between Sushil and Narsingh to determine who will represent India at Olympics and it will be sad thing that one of these great wrestlers will have to sit out.(Both are capable of winning the Gold,leave aside a medal).

    Please note,Both Yogeshwar and Sushil were injured and didn't participate in the World Championship.

    India has earned only one quota so far.

    Now coming to Women's section:-
    I agree with you that Vinesh,Babita and Geeta(Phogat sisters) should make the the cut at least.

    Babita finished 7th at World Championships whereas top 6 were getting quota place( she narrowly missed out).

    I feel,if the draw is favourable at the Olympics than Vinesh( Really very good wrestler) can win a medal.In terms of speed and skill is equivalent to Sushil and Yogeshwar but lacks in power and due to that isn't able to convert multiple points in one move.However,for me she can genuinely win us a medal due her sheer speed and good defence.Babita has an outside chance of winning us a medal but I doubt it.Similarly, Geeta also has an outside chance but I doubt it.

    I genuinely feel,Wrestling can win us the maximum medals both Numbers wise and quality wise.India's best performance ranks wise and numbers wise have been in 2008 and 2012 respectively:-
    In 2008-1 gold,2 bronzes,rank -50
    In 2012-2 silver,4 bronze,rank-55

    I feel Wrestling alone can win us 4 medals,with 2 golds and 2 other medals.I am hoping for 3 medals in Men's section and 1 in Women's.Let's see what happens and hope for the best.
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    @Bad Very Good analysis. How is qualification  for Boxing going on? How many Indian boxers still got a chance to qualify?
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