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    Thanks Munna.Boxing qualification is difficult this time around.Only the best of the best will qualify.Best of the best from India,as far as I am concerned are following:-(Men's Section)
    1)Devendro Singh
    2)Shiva Thapa 
    3)Vikas Krishna
    4)Satish Kumar(Outside chance) 

    Across Women's section:- 

    1)Mary Kom 
    2)Sarita Devi
    These boxers can qualify in my view. In Women's category, those who manage to qualify have a great chance of winning a medal as only 12 boxers are there per category.So Qualification is difficult, but if you manage to do so then their is great chance of winning a medal. 

    So far,Men's World Championship has taken place where only Shiva Thapa narrowly missed qualification even though he won a bronze medal.He finished 4th whereas Top 3 qualified for Olympics.He reached the semi-finals of World Championship and lost a box-off against other loosing semi-finalist thereby Finishing 4th.

    I am not sure about other Indian boxers. Even if they manage to qualify for Olympics they can't win us a medal. Any of our Men's boxer can win us a medal provided they qualify. 

    I am hoping for 2-3 medals.More Realistically for 2.One in Men's section and one in Women's. However,luck of the draw plays a very important role in these tournaments and if we are lucky we can win more than 2 also.
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    5 medals its success for us
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    what about badminton ??
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    Qualification of Badminton has a different procedure.I am not a 100% sure about the procedure. I think a maximum entry in an event per nation is 2 be it singles events or Doubles.

    Rankings on May 5 2016 will be taken into account( I am 90% sure not 100%)

    It basically means,if your players are ranked in top 16 on 5 May 2016 then both get selected otherwise,one quota is alloted until the roaster of 38 players is completed. This basically means if 2 players/pairs are ranked in top 16 then both qualify otherwise 1.(this is according to my understanding of the rules which I am not sure).

    So considering the rules,I am expecting 8 players to qualify across 4 events in Badminton;-

    1)Men's Singles-2 entries 
    Currently,Srikanth is 10th and Kashyap is 17th. Kashyap has been injured for quite some time now,last I knew his ranking was 10th so he can easily improve his ranking provided he is fit as there are some major tournaments still to be played before 5th May 2016.

    2)Women's Singles-2 entries
    Saina is 2nd and Sindhu is 12th.

    3)Women's doubles- 1 entry I.e .2 players 
    J. Gutta and Ashwini(Current rank is 15th).
    Also there are 4 Chinese and 3 Japanese pairs in top 16 and since maximum 2 pair rule exists so this improves the ranking further.

    4)Men's Doubles-1 entry I . e .2 players
    Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy( Current rank is 20th).
    Same case,many countries are having more than 1 pairs in top 20 so this automatically upwards.

    Now coming to the Medal Prospects:-
    1)Men's Doubles- No chance

    2)Women's Doubles- No chance Realistically. I feel Jwala let's the team down on many occasions( She is overated in my opinion).Ashwini is the one who holds this team together. Jwala's weight and lack of flexibility,Poor game play from back of the court prevent them from becoming a World class pair.They will be competitive but I doubt a medal(I hope that they would get a medal but I highly doubt it)

    3)Men's Singles-Outside chance at best,Realistically I doubt it.Both,Srikanth and Kashyap are inconsistent.They are good but I dont feel they are better than Guys like Lin Dan,Chen Long,Kento Momota,Jan o Jorgensen,Chong Wei etc.They will have to be very very lucky and play Exceptionally for a medal.
    I feel as guys like Lin Dan and Chong Wei would be retiring after this Olympics,Srikanth with age on his side might be a good bet for next Olympics but currently I see far too many better players than him for a medal.Thus,extreme luck for a medal otherwise no medal.

    4)Women's Singles- Saina definitely a medal bet.This will be an open category and anyone can win it.Saina,surely can do it as well so a medal is minimum which I would expect.
    Sindhu is inconsistent ,though she generally tends to do well at the bigger tournaments (2 times bronze medalist at World Championship).She can also get among the medals.

    My Opinion-1 medal Realistically (Women's singles) and if at all we are lucky and get the 2nd medal then also it is more likely to come from Women's Singles as compared to other events or at the most Men' s Singles.No chance from our Doubles pairs.

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    @bad you should maintain a blog where you talk about the Olympic prospect of india... your insights are pretty good...

    Also during last Olympics or the earlier one(I don't remember correctly), for badminton the rule was:- 1 player can qualify if he/she get under certain ranking limit, 2 can qualify if 2 or more players from same country are ranked in top 16 with the federation deciding on who shall go after probably a tournament if the number is more than 2.. also 3 can qualify if 3 or more players from same country are in top 4.

    Due to the the last rule was the reason it was important that sania and some other needed to be in top 4 to avoid a dominance of Chinese contingent..

    Don't know about the rule set for this time
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    Guys,Asian Qualification Wrestling tournament for 2016 Olympics is starting from tomorrow(18th-20th) in Kazakhstan. I'll update you w.r.t to our qualification once the tournament will end 
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    First day was unsuccessful for Indian Wrestlers. No Qualification for Olympics as only top two in each category are given qualification spot. Babita, Aware and Ravinder won Bronze Medals but it was not enough.

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    Yogeshwar Dutt has earned India a quota place in Men's 65kg Freestyle category.
    Only top 2 I.e the Finalists across all categories are earning a quota place for Rio Olympics. His final match has not yet taken place but since he has reached the finals thereby he has secured his ticket.

    Many wrestlers have reached the semi-finals stage but not the finals(where you earn a quota place)except for Yogeshwar so far.

    Tomorrow is the last date of this event.Out of the remaining wrestlers,only Vinesh Phogat has a chance of earning a quota in Women's 48 kg in my opinion.

    There are however 2 more events for Olympic Qualification still after this event so nothing to worry as of now.

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    Many bouts of Asian Qualification are available here on You Tube.

    @Bad Any idea about Amit Kumar and Bajrang??

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