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    Just to update the thread,3 more quota slots have been earned by athlete's thus taking the Indian total to 60( across 5 discipline's).
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    Hockey Draw announced
    India's chance of getting into Semi's is pretty bleak with Germany and Netherlands in the group.. We should get at least 2 wins so a top 8 should be sure... top 6 chances are pretty even with Argentina...though will be considered a commendable performance.. with top8 minimum requirement
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    If you ask me,it is a challenging group but India can still make it to semi-finals.See,we get 2 out of the 3 weaker teams.Ideally,if you want to finish top 2 or top 3 you shd be beating teams like Canada and Ireland.Now,considering 10 points shd be good enough to secure semi final spot,India requires 4 points from 3 games.I feel,we are better then Germany and can definitely beat them( we outplayed them in Hwl) and have beaten them previously as well.Argentina would also be a 50:50 game so a draw can be expected. A draw with Argentina certainly won't be an upset.So,I feel India's semi-finals opportunity is still in their hands and we can certainly qualify for semi-finals. Moreover,close Hockey observers would also have noticed that India always plays well against Holland but is unlucky(prior to Hwl) so we can challenge the as well for a point.So India In my opinion can genuinely qualify for semi's.
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    India Women's Team also handed out tough Draw.

    In women’s Pool A, defending Olympic and reigning world champions Netherlands, ranked number 1 in the FIH World Rankings, will face 2015 Hockey World League runners up New Zealand (ranked 4 in the World Rankings); China (5); Germany (8); Korea (9) and Spain (14).

    In women’s Pool B, 2015 Hockey World League champions Argentina (2) will face Australia (3); Great Britain (6 – based on England’s ranking); USA (7); Japan (10) and India (13).

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    Germany had been in podium in last 3 Olympics with last 2 golds, I am surprised you think argentina is 50:50 and Germany is more easy chance... I would say the other way round.. Germany always had been able to pick their game for olympics
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    See,I am not saying that match against Germany is a done deal and India will surely get the 3 points.India can actually lose the matches against likes of Argentina and Germany also but they can win both these matches also.
    Yes, I am saying that between Germany and Argentina ,India has a better chance of beating Germany because  Germany's standard has decreased drastically and in fact Argentina will start as favourite against Germany as well.I can remember,in last 4 matches Argentina has won 3 against Germany whereas Germany has won 1.
    Moreover,it's about playing style rather than rankings that decides the match.Argentina's playing style makes it difficult for India as compared to Germany ( presently in my opinion).
    During,early 2000's when India,Pakistan and South KOREA were all on same level,India always tended to play better against Pakistan in comparison to akorea even though both India and Pakistan were higher ranked than Korea.So currently, I feel Germany's standards have decreases(they failed to make it to Semi-finals of World cup 2014) so In my opinion India has better chance of beating Germany.

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    honestly from the mind after this draw India has no chance for semis..hope they prove me wrong
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    @admin @rudra @namewtheld can you guys shift the category from football section to member corner -> chillout may be
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