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  • Should Mumbai F.C. relocate to Nagpur

    I am bringing this up because next season Mumbai FC will be playing in a 5000 seater which will most probably have 2000 fans in attendance maximum. As for Nagpur they have a stadium, Yashwant Stadium, which would easily get you 10,000-15,000 a game if the team is marketed properly.

    I dont know. After what I heard about the Mumbai Domestic crowd and the Nagpur Premier League attendance's I just feel that maybe Mumbai is not ready for a team in the I-League yet. Nagpur is ready. Getting higher attendance for a local games than maybe all 4 Goan I-League clubs.

    As for Mumbai maybe some investor could come over and create a Mumbai FC which will play in the new Maha League (soon to be announced) Right now from what I heard, there will be 6 Maha League teams. 5 of which are right near Mumbai while the 6th one Nagpur is at the other side. What if you replaced Nagpur with a city that is close to Mumbai.

    That would in the end give Nagpur a I-League team and low travel costs in the Maha League.

    BTW, here is the Yashwant Stadium...
  • For me if I had to rate the locations from 1-4 it would be this...

    1) Ranchi
    2) Jamshedpur
    3) Siliguri
    4) Lucknow
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5665 Points
    They should and would never go out of Bengal. I would want them to shift to Siliguri.
    Btw, we had this discussion earlier too, why are we junking the forum with so many new threads?
  • Mainly because the Prayag United relocation was a very popular one. Everyone was getting involved in it and there was a lot of discussion and the "Club Relocation" thread was just for small discussions like the Mumbai FC to Nagpur one.

    As for what you said about Prayag. I am starting to get more warmer to Siliguri. I was on the BigSoccer MLS topics again and a few of them where talking about how in the beginning MLS loved the idea of clubs being close but not to close (Why if you look at the MLS map you will see so many teams in the New York area). This made me think about Siliguri and really its far enough from Kolkata and it has an average stadium so why not. My problem though is that can Prayag revamp the stadium to meet AFC Criteria. I would hate to watch a game on TV with that stadium.

    As for Ranchi and Jamshedpur, AIFF and IMG need to seriously look for an investor to look into one of those places. We only need 1 team in Jharkhand and we have 2 great places there.
  • AdminAdmin 240 Points
    The renovation of Kanchanjungha Stadium is already in place as Prayag have managed to get the authorities there interested.
  • @Admin hmm, thats good. Hopefully they can get some purple bucket seats installed in one stand of the stadium. Would make the stadium look better.
  • sabirsabir 46 Points
    Football fans in WB are divided among EB, MB and Md Sporting (generally Muslim population; God knows how I became an EB fan :D) such a manner that nothing can bring them out. One chance is there if Prayag moves to North Bengal i.e Siliguri. People in North Bengal have grievences due to less development there. If they get their own club thay may change their alligence. Besides they will get support from hill districts who are not so close to three older clubs but love football a lot. But Prayag would have to change the name again I think to associate it with its supporter base. They should keep one branch in Sikkim also.
  • shankarshankar 2600 Points
    the change of name for prayag utd is definitely a possibility given that they could get a huge benefit from changing their name to regional society as well they should be ready to do it

  • Do I sense Siliguri United FC or North Bengal United FC ;)
  • sabirsabir 46 Points
    If the spelling were not so tough I would have proposed F C Kanchanjungah. :D
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