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  • Afc has removed 3+1 rule from 2023 onwards, now teams can sign unlimited number of foreigners and play full foregin 11 in afc cup and champions league

    Well the only reason I took interest in Indian football is because I get to see Indian players in action with whom you feel some kind of connection and with this thing gone, I'll stop watching football because it wont be fun for me anymore. 
    yes, absolutely. i'm interested in watching indian players only. 
    just remembered about arsene wenger days in arsenal where in he selected non english players in starting XI and bench also for a match. 
    deepak dedha
  • "The Committee also discussed several options regarding the current Foreign Player Quota for the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup. While the existing 3+1 quota will continue to apply for the 2022 seasons, the Committee agreed to remove the 3+1 ceiling on the number of Foreign Players allowed for the Preliminary Registration, paving the way for any number of Foreign Players to be registered based on the domestic registration rules."
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4074 Points
    This will be helpful for Indian players who want to try their luck in better league like west Asian etc. So it’s not bad.
    Regarding Indian football, football don’t make enough money in India so it’s stupid to believe that clubs could afford all 11 foreigners. Also AIFF/ FSDL will decide about outsiders playing in playing 11, so it won’t change much.
    Also if foreigners will become available for cheap price then it might reduce inflated values of various Indian players which might push them to pursue career in better league
    giridharandeepak dedhagoalkeeparashindiaindian_goonergaffertapesouravindia
  • actually what we want is afc nations league since afc is copying everything from uefa.
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C1845 Points
    Also since as of now we cannot compete in ACL with our current Indian players, Clubs like ATK can(with decent deep pocket) and teams like FC GOA(Imagine having Igor could have got that one or two goals), Bengaluru FC with that one or two extra foreigners can pull their weight and aim to go beyond group stages. Also, this will reduce the inflation in wages for Indian players as said. Right now Indian players find it easy to make a higher wage for their current skillset.
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India8427 Points
    An Igor Angulo or Roy Krishna cannot hide the inherent weakness of Indian players against top Asian teams. Example, what happened to ATK in their Asian adventure. They couldnt even beat a Bangladeshi side with all the money and expensive foreign players.
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4074 Points

    Thailand won AFF cup 
  • RonnyRonny 8208 Points
    Chanathip single handedly won Thailand the AFF cup..such an amazing player!
  • ashindiaashindia 8073 Points
    It would be interesting to see how India would play in this tournament. 
  • BoalhaBoalha Maldives827 Points
    Thailand at full strength is no match for the other AFF teams. They have been very unlucky with injuries and various other issues for the last 3 or 4 years.
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