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  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India8770 Points
    If Australia can be in AFC why not Russia? 75% of Russia is geographically part of Asia anyways. Would be good fun to see SAFF countries take on Russia in a January evening in Moscow at Luzniki stadium for WCQ match :lol: 
    genetically, and culture wise they are different. They consider themselves as proud white race. So them being Asian would lead to further clashes. It doesn't sound good. Also it is a downgrade stuff. Even Turkey/Israel also playing in Europe and are competitive enough.
    How do you accept Australia in AFC then? The ango-saxons and Jews anywhere are the most racist, bigoted, evil minded people humanity has ever seen. Also AFC is corrupt af, so I wont be surprised if this happens, Russians can play and it will be good for Asian football. 
  • indian_goonerindian_gooner 2901 Points
    Russians can play and it will be good for Asian football.

    That's no doubt. But wouldn't it be a downgrade for Russians. Well let's say, if one has the capacity to purchase a proper SUV like Thar then why purchase SUV fake body cars like Kwid, S-presso. 

    Also it will rob a place for geneteically Asian team eg, Oman,Bahrain, UAE, Vietnam, Iraq, Jordan, and who knows maybe India from next WC qualifiers. I mean the team who comes really close to WC but goes out in the last round.

  • indian_goonerindian_gooner 2901 Points
    How do you accept Australia in AFC then? 

    well i am not exactly happy but the Aussies are struggling right now and are more or less equal to Asian teams now. Beating them would give a sense of satisfaction for Asian teams which I feel the closest any Asian team to get to beat the white race people especially when it concerns football.  :D

  • BoalhaBoalha Maldives994 Points
    Siberia can join AFC. European Russia are representing everything about Russian football at the moment, from clubs to the national team players, and they will fight tooth and nail to remain a part of UEFA.

    Will be funny if Kazakhstan are in UEFA while Russia is slogging it out in AFC. Their players won't survive playing in the deserts and tropics of Asia anyway.
  • EastBengalPrideEastBengalPride India8770 Points
    UEFA wont take back Russia for next 10 years, its a political game now and most west EU nation leaders are spreading Russophobia to win elections. Russia wont have a choice. 

    And if they play 10 years in Asia, we will drag them down to Asian levels :lol: 
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