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    @akoi: we cant get past turkmenistan,tajiks,qatar, how we can expect them to beat the likes of japan,ghana,germany,france,brazil etc.

    thats what world cup level is not the afc level.yes we ar improving,but not this time, maybe a (2-0,3-1 loss against some comparitvely weak opposition( iran,uzbekistan) would be our saving grace.
    2020 and beyond looks the time when we can actually challenge for asian top 5 in the junior level.
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    the world cup is 4 years can you be sure we will loose all 3 if we make it..our weather,fans,team preparation,quality of opponents will help us a lot<br>
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    harry191 wrote: »
    in truth Fifa has acknowledged that a country of billion plus population is a huge untapped market. Fifa wants india on footballing scene.and they know India wihtout any help would remain in the same state and would never progress .so what they do they make statements like INdia can host U 17 Fifa world cup.
    they know it is very difficult for india to qualify for world cup directly,so the only option is to make them host ,
    for hosting they need stada which are nowehre to world class standards ,to make them world class they have IMG who would refurbish all the stadiums and make them FIFA u 17 2017 ready .
    india will eventually lose all the three matches in fifa u 17 worldcup,but the hysteria created by it or the attendences by it will make the AIFF believe that they can actually host fifa worldcup someday. imagine fifa earnings if india hosted a worldcup .
    so fifa is alos mum on this league and is not opposing it.
    after all it is win win for all of them ,for fans,for aiff,for Fifa,for IMG ,for starsports,for reliance. the onl losers would be century old clubs like East bengal,MMB,Md sporting .but anyways they are way to adamant to take the football to next level.
    so i dont mind KEB,MMB and all these becoming blackburn,nottingham forrest in the current english scesnrio,atleast we will have our own indian version of man city,chelsea,real,barca,dortmund etc.
    The old clubs have to accept that times have changed and they wiil also have to change the way a football clubs runs
    this is like a kick to all the existing clubs,to show how it should be done.
    as far as FIFA is concerned, this IMG and FIfa u 17 thing reminds of india suddently winning so many beauty paegents awards in the 90's.. aishwayrya,priyanka,sushmita,lara,.cosmetic market man..
    after all it is money ,honey..
    <br><br>What infrastructure is IMG creating?  Can you name a single stadium? Go stadium by stadium.<br>You think JLN Stadium Delhi is unfit for football and now IMG will make it matchworthy?? JLN stadium was built for commonwealth games and can you name one shortcoming which present owners cannot do and IMG will do. Next what Pune Balewadi stadium. what shortcoming they have and what will IMG do??? Goa has spent so much money for Fatorda Stadium-now that is unfit for football and IMG will make it matchworthy for U-17 World cup??at the end of the day, all stadiums are built with government money only except D Y Patil Stadium of Navi Mumbai. We have grant of 2 million dollars from FIFA for Mumbai Cooperage stadium too. this idea that IMG is making stadiums or infrastructure is a big joke. <br>Till now IPL Cricket franchise have spent 0 rupees on any infrastructure creation for cricket.<br>
  • @ronny: i am being idealistic, whereas you are being optimistic.
  • @munna: pls read carefully, i havent said creation i have said refurbishment.
    do any i league clubs play at JLN delhi or navi mumbai stadium.
    why the turf is being laid across all Super league venues. teh venues also are carefully chosen so that these cities would be hosting the U 17 worldcup.
    i dont think balewadi will get the nod for U 17 worldcup.
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    Exactly. Who knows what will happen within the next three years?<div><br></div><div>Hopefully, within these years, we will see mass improvements in the way we develop players with money coming in and perhaps some more exposure tours (not the typical 2 game trip to the UAE but an actual tour to a place like France to play in one of their top youth tournaments).</div><div><br></div><div>Keep the faith guys.</div>
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    If IPL teams do not pay for infrastructure or anything like that then who the hell adds all the sponsorship boards, the electronic screens, and cuts the grass during the season?
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    IMG – Relaince has appointed Ko-Ichiro Kato, former Head of Competitions, Brazil Office, FIFA 2014 World Cup and FIFA Head of Club World Cups (2005-2010), as Consultant, Tournament Operations for the much-anticipated Indian Super League.

    “Japanese national Ko-Ichiro Kato is an able football administrator being associated with FIFA competitions over the last decade in various leadership roles and will bring in his experience and expertise to oversee the Indian Super League operations to ensuring its smooth conduct,” tournament organiser IMG – Reliance said in a statement.

    This is the second major hiring by IMG – Reliance after appointing Greg Gillin, a Wembley Stadium expert and Senior Director, National Stadium Singapore Sports Hub, as the pitch consultant.
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    Is that true that there will be two season of ISL in 2014???? 
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