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This thread is about the performing unknown I-League players who are doing well in the I-League but never get any recognition. These players can be of any age.

First Unknown Player: Freiman Peixoto
Age: 27
Team: Sporting Clube de Goa
Nation: India
Position: Midfielder
2011-12 I-League Stats:
- Games: 6
- Goals: 1
- Assists: 3 (LEADS LEAGUE)

Why he is notable: He currently leads the I-League with 3 assists for Sporting Clube de Goa.

My Opinion: He seems to have a nack for creating chances offensively and so far it has shown for Sporting Goa. Right now I feel he would be a good addition to the Indian Team as well but as a bench player.


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    I thin k the thread is bit fuzzy as 'unknown' players will be different for different ppl....I dunno which players to add here
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    I saw one young mid-fielder named Sumit Oraon of George Telegraph playing against East Bengal and MD Sporting (george won this match, sumit did score too) whom I think a great talent. (thanks to the bengali channel which covers the Kolkata league) Age may be 20 (i m not sure). I will not be surprised if he is borrowed by any top team for rest of I-league.

    Lester Fernandage of CB is also very impressive. His ball control, passing etc is more clean than his competitor in same position (like Francis Fernandage) and the goal he scored against Mohun Bagan is too good for Indian standard.
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    Wow! Sabir keep an eye on that guy and keep us updated about him. Shankar Oraon is another such talent who is never talked about
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    Wow! Sabir keep an eye on that guy and keep us updated about him. Shankar Oraon is another such talent who is never talked about
    Today prayag United faced George Telegraph in Kolkata league. I sat to see the match (after the half time) just for Sumit. He scored once again (3 goals in 4 matches) today. Prayag which is still undefeated in I -league might have lost today, but manged to score one during the closing minutes to settle for a draw.
    In half time the cexperts in the studio were praising Sumit. His goal was very good too. However, after half-time George became ultra-defensive; so there was nothing to do for Sumit. Once the score is 1-1, George came in attck once again, and we could see Sumit brilliance once again as an attacking mid-fielder. his long-ranger was saved by Prayag GK in injury time.

    Playing style of Sumit is quite similar to Lester Fernandage of CB, who is another promising player. Both of them have good ball control, good passing skill and the habit to score goals.
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    would it b possible for u to take a pi of him and upload it here?
  • I have seen him in all the televised Calcutta League matches and he seems a good prospect but it's very important not to rush him. He needs to play for a team like Prayag United or Pailan Arrows (if he is young enough) first where there is less pressure. He is more in the mould of Snehasish Dutta last year. Also we don't have any idea of his physical strength and how prone is he to injuries. I say this because Shankar Oraon or say erstwhile Ashim Biswas(Steve Darby was extremely impressed with Ashim, in fact he rated Ashim higher than Sunil which I have to agree but Sunil Chetri is better built to handle the rigors of modern football), in spite of being a bright prospect is too injury prone for the big league, simply put, their body is just not built to handle the rigors of playing competitive football at a stretch. One more observation about these adivasi prospects, if I may, most of them have little exposure and guidance and come from relatively economically disadvantaged families, so they either get complacent or lost on their way to the top. A little bit of promise and then they loose out to injuries, lack of focus, deficient training facilities which has been a persistent bane of Indian football at the grassroots level (since they cannot or are unwilling to avail superior physical training facilities on their own).
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    Asim Biswas , Rahim Nabi, Sunil Chhetry were in same age group. When Asim established himself in the senior team as a worthy replacement of Vijayan other two were nowhere in picture. Unfortunately some serious injury took two years from his career and he is totally out of competition. Else we have to take his name with Baichung.

    Sumit is around 20 years old, looks like 5'10" in height. He must work for improvement of his physical fitness unfortunately most of the clubs in Kolkata dont have much opportunity.

    Projenetor you made a very valid points. We have lost many good talent as they lost after coming in big cities. I am afraid Robin Singh is going to be the next in the list if he doesnt check himself. Remember Lalampuia? Gunbir Singh to joined senior team at 18-19 years of age but vanished when he was 23.

    The club officials should take the responsibilities to guide these players because their poor back ground dont provide it to them. Sumit must be included in Pailan Arrows which have good facilities and he will remain focused there while gathering international exposure.

    Have you seen Manirul Mondal, the madatory U19 player of Md Sporting in the last match against Mohun Bagan? Mohun Bagan supporter and the Goal Keeper will not forget him soon. :D . His shooting is very impressive. Very few players in India can keep the ball within frame constantly from such long distances what he was doing. Mohun Bagan was lucky that Sangram saved them. But his height and physicall structure is not impressive. Arjun Chatterjee, another U19 from Prayag is very impressive too.

    Coming back to Sumit, I will rank him above Snehashish because Sumit's playing is much cleaner though Snehashish was better dribbler. But Sumit's finishing and passing (I have watched him in last three matches of George, he rarely make mispass.) are certainly better.
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    @sabir:- the reason of lose of talents in big clubs is the fitness programs of these clubs..our indian clubs hardly give interest to physical fitness and then they get overwork from players which just kill their career at early ages....
    dont take it wrong way but i feel kolkatta clubs should grow up on thinking about player welfare by having proper physical trainers who could keep them physically fit...the only kolkatta club to do it considerably good way is prayag united they got a good trainer who looks after players fitness at nicer way..
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    Zico and basanta singh of southern samity are the best u19s of kolkata league premier division in my opinion. These mizo boys have really impressed me. And i think they can really make a good name for themselves in near future.
    and u19 of prayag united arjun chatterjee is another exciting young prospect to watch out for
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